Unlock the Value of Carbon Credits to Secure Climate Finance

KUMO is a lending marketplace that matches funders and borrowers to deliver secured loans backed by carbon credits.

What can KUMO do for you?

KUMO enables faster, more cost-effective, and lower-risk funding for climate investors in carbon project development.

(climate financiers)
  • Optimize returns while financing climate impact
  • Reduce risk, lower cost and increase deal flow to upgrade your climate finance strategy
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(project developers)
  • Use carbon credits you own to get the growth capital you need
  • Leverage carbon credits to access reliable, affordable and flexible financing
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How it works

financial yield
carbon credits
  • Access a global marketplace of climate investments
  • Secure financing with credits, not projects
  • Earn returns while financing impact
  • Scale deal flow to meet climate finance goals
KUMO enables
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Carbon Credit Collateralization
  • Secure Loan Intermediation
  • Access a global marketplace of project financiers
  • Tailor the terms of your loan offering
  • Secure loans with carbon credits, not projects
  • Access affordable funding 24/7

KUMO enables

Deal Sourcing
A Global Marketplace

KUMO connects climate financiers with project developers.


Access a global pipeline of carbon credit-secured lending opportunities.


Secure financing from a global market of climate investors.

Risk Mitigation

50% loan-to-value loan positions and 75% carbon credit price liquidation thresholds.


Accurate pricing and instant settlement of carbon credit collateral.

Quality Assurance

Auditable carbon credit validation, verification and certification data.

Carbon Secured Loan Intermediation
Trusted Custody

Provided by a bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicle (SPV).

Smart Contracts

Codify and execute terms and conditions of agreement.

Trusted Documentation

Through immutable and transparent documentation of carbon credit custody.


KUMO supports a growing network of climate investors, project developers and technology providers working together to scale financial solutions to make the sustainable transition possible.

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